Do you find, as I do, that every once in a while you are feeling stressed. There may be any number of things that trigger these feelings. You always know when it hits you. When that happens to me, I look for ways to stop for a moment to take a deep breath or do take a short break and do something that will relax me.

Want to practice? Just click on the video image below, then sit back and relax.

Prepare to have your breath taken away! For over two years filmmaker Brian Luke Seaward traveled to many of the world’s most pristine locations—Greenland, Patagonia, Hawaii, Iceland, Peru, Alaska, The Caribbean, New Zealand, and the Canadian Rockies—capturing the earth’s beauty in ways that are rarely seen. Inspired by decades of National Geographic specials, the BBC Planet Earth series and the majestic beauty of our terrestrial home, Earth Songs gently guides the viewer on a journey of ageless wisdom, inspiring poetry and stunning footage of Mother Earth at her finest. Enjoy, relax and cure your nature deficit disorder and provide an immediate stress relief.

To learn more about this video or to purchase a copy, visit Brian Luke Seaward’s website:

Mari Ryan